About Ky and Maggie


Hello! We are Ky and Maggie Raymond and we don’t just love food we HONEY FOOD. Our HONEY for food came the day we were born.

We HONEY our family, people in general, traveling, reading, bike riding, running, hiking, being outside, playing sports, studying and learning. We just honey life I guess.

Most importantly we love our Father in Heaven. Because of Him we are happy. We know we are children of God and He loves us. We are proud members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We have hope that this world is not the last. We will be able to live with my our families forever ever and ever even after we die.

Maggie lived in Chile for 1.5 years as a missionary for our church. And Ky served in Moscow, Russia. We consider those places our second homes and miss all of our friends we made there.

We are from Provo and Orem, Utah. Maggie is the middle of seven children and Ky is the oldest of four. We got married about a year ago and we want a big HONEY licken family. We like to ride our bikes together and find any excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. We have a huge passion for food and are excited to share some of our favorite recipes.