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2-Ingredient Banana Egg Pancakes

Are you craving pancakes but don’t want the carbs? Well, these banana egg pancakes are the ones for you. They’re the easiest pancakes in the world to make. All you need are two ingredients: banana and eggs. Of course I add in extra spices to make these pancakes extra special such as cinnamon, vanilla and honey.

The tricky part is flipping the pancakes once they’re on the grill. I admit the first time I made these, I couldn’t do it. My banana egg pancakes turned out to be a banana egg scramble instead. The secret is to pour out small portions and use a very thin spatula. In the video I used a pancake grill, but I would say a normal pan would work even better because you can grab and maneuver the pan for a better flip. It’s very possible that some batter will drip in the process. All you gotta do is flip the pancake on top of the droppings. No harm done.

I made these for Ky and he loved them. You don’t even need syrup; they already taste like candy. The only problem is I eat the banana egg pancakes too fast. It took all of my self control to save some for Ky. But since I already ate the entire two other batches from before, I resisted the urge. Moral of the story: plan to make lots.

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Banana Egg Pancakes

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes

Yield:10 small pancakes


1 Banana

2 Eggs

Cinnamon (desired amount)

Vanilla (desired amount)

Honey (desired amount)


Mash up bananas and eggs. Mix very well. Add in desired amounts of cinnamon, vanilla and honey. Pour small amounts onto pan. Wait until bubble and gently flip the pancakes. Enjoy!