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The India Palace


To officially start off my blog, I want to show off several Utah Valley restaurants in the great state of Utah. I chose India Palace as my guinea pig because they are a little piece of India located in downtown Provo, a proven winner.

It was so much fun to get to know Amrik Singh (owner and chef at India Palace). He loves the food and all of his customers. The second I walked into the doors, I felt welcomed. Amrik crossed the oceans to live in Provo 19 years ago. He moved away from his family and friends and opened up this thriving Indian restaurant.

The very best part are the smells. It’s like an aroma of spices that hit you like a brick wall upon entering the building (it’s getting me hungry just thinking about it).

The food is delicious at any time of day, but I recommend going during the lunch hours 11am – 3pm. For their $9.95 all-you-can-eat legit Indian buffet which I showcase in the my video. There’s all sorts of options including curry, pita breads, vegetables, and even mango rice.

I hope the video takes you to India and gives you a taste of the India Palace. To connect more with Amrik, visit the India Palace on their homepage.