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Ham Avocado Panini


We sometimes go through food obsessions. This week it was this ham avocado panini sensation. We cracked open our George-Foreman Grill and discovered our love for paninis. If you don’t have a panini grill, no fear. You can easily use a normal pan and then use a spatula to flip it over. Our banana peanut butter sandwich is also delicious paninified. 🙂

This ham avocado panini became our personal favorite. The crowning jewels in this yummy sandwich are the avocado, cheese, and cucumbers. Those three items go perfectly together. Ky has been really busy studying for the MCAT, so we have been enjoying lots of fast, easy, and delicious sandwiches.


Ham Avocado Panini

Time: 10 minutes


Ham, 1 slice

Avocado, mashed and salted



Tomatoes, sliced

Cucumbers, sliced


Put avocado and honey on separate bread pieces. Place all other items on bread. For best results, grill/panini sandwich to melt the cheese and toast the bread. Enjoy!