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Osaka, a Japanese restaurant in Provo, is as ethnic as they come. The food is great, the atmosphere legit, but my favorite part are the owners. Frank and Macy Lin are an adorable couple who don’t talk much but work hard. Frank stays in the back of the kitchen doing as a one man cook. Macy takes care of other business ordeals like delivering the food, cleaning utensils, and even squeezes in time back in the kitchen to help Frank. When I went, they only had one paid helper. Other than him, Macy and Frank are a complete dynamite food duo. I tried talking to Frank, but his wife assures me that it’s ok, he doesn’t like to talk. I wouldn’t talk either if I cooked tempura like him.

As seen in the above video, Osaka gains a lot of traffic from the newly constructed LDS Provo City Center Temple across the street. People love to come for not only the variety of Japanese tastes, but it’s all at a reasonable price.

One of the crowd’s favorite is the sushi. My video shows them making and cutting the sushi and bringing it out on a grand plate. There are lots of different options and it’s 100% authentic. Nothing Americanized here.


La Taqueria El Vaquero

La Taqueria del Vaquero does not look much from the outside. But if you want to find out what Mexico’s really like, this is a must see, smell and taste. The Mexican food is top quality and the customers rave on and on about it. Check out their Facebook page here.

The owners didn’t want to be interviewed, but I was still able to get some good shots of Jesus Aguayo cooking in the kitchen. I went on a weekday, so it was still busy. But the weekend is when the party happens at the Vaquero.  All of the aunts, cousins, and all family members in town come and enjoy good food and an awesome family get together.

I really liked getting to know Amanda Rojas. She is the only worker that’s non family. She moved away from her entire family in Chile to come to BYU. El Vaquero and company is like her family in Provo and she loves the food (even though it’s nothing like Chilean food).

What I liked best about El Vaquero was the chill atmosphere. There was a soccer game playing and they had a mini buffet full of sauces, herbs and other add-ons. When you come, just remember not to judge this book by its cover.